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Remodelled brooch into this sustainably handmade signet style ring

One of the services we offer in the world of jewellery is a bespoke, made to order service. It is often the best way to create a modern heirloom, begin the sentimental story. This is where we capture your vision and turn it into reality. Initially we feed off your ideas hence it is a perfect opportunity to find pictures of jewellery you love in order to convey your concept. From there we then sketch out possibilities that would fit your jewellery specification of your handmade jewellery. However it is often the case that people often stop at this initial hurdle, why? Well fundamentally they are scared of what the price might be.

Examples of our bespoke made to order jewellery.

Let’s be realistic as well, if you are expecting a bespoke piece of jewellery handmade from scratch but expect to pay the same prices as generic pieces churned out from the far east, then question what is most important, quality and individuality or price? For quality and individuality then read on.


So truth be told is that yes, labour rates are a vast deal higher compared to the likes of the far east and yes, rather than using mass production methods your contemporary jewel would be handmade or hand-assembled to make your personalised and one of a kind jewellery. That does not mean your jewellery has to be extortionate or drastically different to a mass produced piece.


This is where the experience of your jeweller comes into play. The more years of experience they have had the more processes they have knowledge of. Using this knowledge they should be able to find the process to reflect the budget. Not all goldsmithing skills take masses amount of time. The different jewellery making ways vary dramatically from shaping your item from a block of metal which would use the most amount of time, or you could buy manufactured components and manipulate them to meet the clients specification, this takes less time and this is to name just a couple of ways. The image below is of a lump of silver, can you imagine how to turn this into a ring, or the time it takes? Sometimes for a goldsmith this is our starting block.

A freshly cut piece of silver, ready to make a bespoke piece of jewellery with


There is tremendous scope with personalisation and bespoke so why miss the opportunity in having a piece of jewellery that is truly yours. So why don’t you approach us or your jeweller to enquire about your bespoke jewellery, what’s the worst that could happen?

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