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An example of a facetted peridot gemstone

You are a Libra if your birthday falls between September the 24th and October 23rd.

As an Air sign, Libras tend to be high thinking people with a strong intellect and sharp mind. Libras tend to love discussion, a good book or thought provoking film, and great music.

Libras are also known for being loving partners, because they are charming, refined and passionate – they’re passionate about a lot of things, in fact, including beautiful (and often expensive!) objects, art, and places. Libras can at times be frivolous and flirtatious.

The symbol for Libra reflects the scales of balance, though, and Libras are often very careful and measured in their actions, meaning that none of the extreme parts of their personalities are allowed to run away with them. Libras are also great at diplomacy and perceptive of other people’s feelings.

The birthstone for the Libra is Opal, along with Peridot, Agate, Lapis Lazuli, and Sapphire (we looked in detail at Sapphire in a previous post, so we won’t be talking about it too much here!). An example of peridot
An example of a facetted peridot gemstone

The tradition of gifts of jewellery containing Libra’s birthstones is centuries old, and Opal in particular has been thought to be able to channel the energies of the planet Venus to its wearer.

The warm orange colour of opal symbolises the traits of energy, endurance, vitality and power, and the stone is also associated with brining happiness, loyalty and confidence. Keep an eye out for our next post where we will go into much more detail about Opal, as we love it here for jewellery.

Peridot, or Chrysolite, is a transparent yellow-green stone which was previously known as topaz. This ancient stone is mentioned in the Bible, and was used by the Egyptians, who considered it the gem of the sun, as early as 1500 BC. It’s even said that Cleopatra wore peridot jewels! The stone is thought to bring good luck, peace and success, and attract love to the wearer, as well as reducing negative emotions and calming their anger.

Agate is a stone which is found in all the colours of the rainbow (although finding green and blue tints in a natural colour is relatively rare). The stones are often decorated with coloured bands or veins running through it. Believed to cure sleeplessness and protect against danger, discern truth and encourage stamina, honesty and bravery, as well as improve perception, Agate is a powerful stone. It is also the gemstone for 12th and 14th wedding anniversaries. Below is a dyed agate example.

Lapis Lazuli is one of the most unusual gemstones out there, and bespoke jewellery using this stone will always draw you comments. The best quality lapis lazuli comes from Afghanistan, and it looks like the night sky; a rich blue with flecks of gold (actually pyrite, or ‘fool’s gold’) and sometimes a hint of violet. In ancient times, the Romans used Lapis as an aphrodisiac, and in Europe it was also ground up and used a cosmetic. Worn as jewellery, particularly as a necklace, Lapis is believed to increase awareness and lessen negative emotions. Just look at the image below to see what a vivid colour it is compared to other natural objects

royal blue hues of a carved lapis gemstone

All the above stones make beautiful jewellery. Peridot is a gorgeous accent stone, while agate can make an eccentric or unusual piece. Lapis Lazuli looks stunning in ethnic-style, Middle-Eastern or Asian designs, as per its origins. Why not have a look through our existing pieces or get in touch to talk about handmade customised jewellery using these gemstones? Keep an eye out for our new article, too, where we will be looking into Opal in much more detail.

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