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Wired Earrings

£1,490.00 incl VAT

From the front these contemporary earrings appear very minimal with a sparkling diamond to grab your attention and then you look from the side. Creating a concept from the electric wire game, get zapped as you move the rod around the wire, luckily not in our earrings. Sold as a pair. Total weight of the pair in 9ct yellow gold is 5.5gms. Total diamond weight 0.06cts



These modern wired earrings are available in yellow and white ethical gold but let us know if you fancy them in rose gold.  You can even opt for a different gem to set in the drop.  Your wish is our command, just let us know.


We adore these earrings because they are such good fun and we always wear them with our hair up just to make the most of the irregular shapes.  How would you wear yours?


100% Recycled Gold

Diamonds ethically sourced and in accordance with the Kimberley Process

How to care

Come and see us once a year for us to check over the earrings and the spring mechnism


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