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The Wedge Ring

£1,600.00 incl VAT

Can you guess the classic dinner party game of answering questions which inspired this modern ring, this ring should give you a clue. Each of the gem stones represents a wedge as inspired by Trivial Pursuit, the game. You have precious Fire Opal, Amethyst, Pink Sapphire, Tsavorite Garnet, Aquamarine and Citrine. The ring pictured is 9ct gold and weighs 7.3gms. Total carat weight is approximately 3.20cts



We get very excited by this ring as there are so many customisations available to you.  We’d love to do an all white diamond version, even perhaps set in blackened gold to get that ‘wow’ contrast and really show off that beautiful sparkle that diamonds create.  If blue was your favourite colour why not have a blue colour spectrum from light to dark.  Anything is possible so just ask!  To get the design inspiration flowing, see the picture below of a bespoke Wedge Ring in blackened white gold.



We aren’t shy with our jewellery so we really wear ours all day everyday as it truly is one of our faves, what a way to frame stunning, vibrant gems!!


100% Recycled Gold

Fire Opal





Pink Sapphire


All gemstones are ethically sourced and set in sustainable recycled gold.  All Eco friendly!

How to care

When the ring is not being worn store in its sustainable box to prevent the piece from being scratched. Let us see the ring once a year for a check to ensure no stones or settings have been knocked.


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