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Sherbet Pip Ring

£300.00£575.00 incl VAT

A delicate sugar hit to wear on the finger.  Hand crafted using molten gold to create the tactile texture of a sherbert pip.  Cherish those moments from your childhood when your grandparents spoiled you with a sugar treat. In 9ct yellow gold this ring weighs 1.5gms and is made to fit



This is an ideal ring to have some fun with.  You can choose the sherbet pip to be a different colour gold to the ring for example have the band in white gold contrasting with the warm coppery tones of rose gold, or you could decorate it with some emeralds or sapphires.  Celebrate a birthstone and have it as a feature within the ring, have fun designing the ring you want and send the design into us


We wear this ring as a thumb ring, sometimes we even stack this ring with others for a more boho vibe.  After all 2019 is the year to layer it up and maximising.  More is more.


100% Recycled Gold or Silver depending on the order

How to care

The ring has a lovely shine to the gold, keep scratches to a minimum by storing it in its box when not on your finger.


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