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Hoola Hoop Medium Earrings

£490.00 incl VAT

Hoops and links are very on trend for 2020.  Here we capture those concepts from our workshops in London and Surrey, with these modern hoops inspired by its name sake the old hoop game.   The circle is 3cm diameter, to give you an idea of size.  Sold as a pair with a butterfly fitting.



We personally have a couple of pairs of these hold hoop styles.  One pair plain gold but the other we have personalised with a gemstone drop, a lovely cornflower blue sapphire.  What stone would you pick, let us know.  You could even choose to make them in rose gold, or have them black plated for a real contrast.


We wear our simple hoops often, they are one of our go to pairs.  Our blue sapphire options we love to wear on date night, cute, dainty and with a bit of colour.


100% Recycled Gold , which means 100% sustainable.

How to care

Ensure the butterflies on the post are a firm fit and keep them safely stored in their original box


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