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Framed Gold Necklace

£3,480.00 incl VAT

We have all seen cherished works of art crafted by your child lovingly placed on the fridge, or tucked away for a rainy day when reminiscing over nostalgic items.  We can immortalise your child’s masterful artwork in fine jewellery.  There is no need to tuck it away, wear your little artists unique work every day.


Each stroke in the painting is transformed into the 18ct gold frame using hand painted enamel by a master craftsman.


To place an order please pre-order your necklace and then we will contact you for an image of your little ones art work and then get to work in our Surrey Workshop.




Prefer an oval surround or even a modern hexagon shape, we can handmade to your own design.  Whatever your preference we can create your own personalised framed necklace.  Contact us to discuss your design.


100% recycled gold

Vitreous Enamel

How To Care

This ring is built to be worn but be aware of the enamel centrepiece.  Keep it protected when it’s not being worn by putting the ring in its sustainable box


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