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Fidget Ring

£3,900.00 incl VAT

Did you ever play with one of slider puzzles when you were young? Get a jewellery version, when you are bored it’s a great source of entertainment. Available in 9ct or 18ct gold. The ring pictured is 9ct yellow gold with a weight of 23.1gms. Size of square top is 19mm square.


This is a tricky ring to make hence for this ring hours of dedicated time is spent by our master goldsmiths in London, painstakingly crafting this to ensure the smooth movement of this innovative design.



We always get stopped and asked about this ring as people can’t believe all the squares move around!  Customise yours in your choice of metal, be it yellow, white or rose gold teamed with either lacquer or gemstones of your choosing.  Once you get yours, playing with it will be never ending, what a fidget!


This is a dress ring that we wear to impress as it always captures curiosity, normally with a simple outfit to really set it off.


100% Recycled Gold

Cold Enamel

How to care

This mechanical ring is very complex, its best you let us see it once a year to ensure the mechanics are running smoothly.


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