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What are the delivery times and rates?

Where items are in stock we will dispatch the next working day once payment has been received. Domestic shipping takes 3 working Days, please contact us for international shipping times and rates.

What locations do you deliver to?

We ship domestically in the UK as well as internationally. As there are many locations in the world please contact us to discuss rates and times.

How do I contact Origin 31?

Please go to our contact page alternatively please email us at info@origin31.com

How do I return or exchange an item of jewellery?

Please see our terms of service for more details otherwise contact us with your order reference and we can take it from there.

Can I buy an engagement ring over the phone?

We are a great believer that you need to see the stone you would like to buy and fall in love with, you can’t do this over the phone. However with the wonders of technology there is video conferencing. Please contact us with your requirements and we would be delighted to start you on your jewellery journey.

How do I schedule a design consultation with Origin 31?

Please contact us with your concepts and we can go from there and arrange a time to meet.

Does origin 31 have a ring size conversion chart?

It certainly does, please see its location under the shopping info section at the bottom of the website or here

How is my item gift packaged?

Your jewellery will arrive in a sustainable origin 31 box, beautifully presented with the jewel obviously taking centre stage.

Is it safe to order on Origin31.com?

Please see our Privacy policy for clarity on our online security, we have pci-dss compliance and also abide by all GDPR regulations

Is there VAT charged on line?

Yes, but it is all included in the price you see, there are no hidden costs.

What is Origin 31 doing with my information in relation to GDPR?

Please see our Privacy policy for more details, we abide by GDPR regulations.

When buying a diamond engagement ring how do I decide on a budget?

There are many hear say ideas but fundamentally it’s what you feel comfortable spending bearing in mind it’s the ring that shall be worn for the rest of their life.

What should I consider when purchasing diamonds or gemstones?

There are many factors when considering ethical diamonds such as ‘the 4 c’s’ or understanding a gemstones natural characteristics hence please contact us for a consultation where we can explain all or keep an eye out on our newsletter for the latest updates on talks we shall be hosting or keep an eye on our journal for key information

What is Origin 31 doing about the issue of conflict diamonds?

We have spent years and years building up our trusted contacts to ensure our diamonds abide by the Kimberly Process ensuring our diamonds are conflict free.

How do I care for my jewellery?

When you are not wearing your jewellery it is best stored in its sustainable box to prevent the piece from being scratched or tangled

How can I get an item repaired?

We take the utmost care and attention during the development and manufacturing process to negate the risk of repair and maintain the highest level of quality control. Nevertheless, should the rare need for a repair arise please contact us at info@origin31.com. Repairs due to a manufacturing fault are undertaken at no charge for 12 months from the delivery date.

How do I care for my diamond?

Diamonds are of course gorgeous but they have this knack of getting coated from the natural oils in the skin meaning their sparkle is less bright. Please contact us to arrange cleaning it for you

How do I care for my pearls?

Pearls are normally strung on natural silk, over time the silk reacts with the natural oils in the skin as well as perfumes and deodorants which is why we recommend your pearls restrung once a year to be on the safe side. Pearls in earrings generally are cemented in place, over time this can weaken after reacting with natural oils in the skin and perfumes. Please contact us to redo the cementing for you.

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