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The range of colours available when choosing your own talisman gemstone, use talismans to personalise your jewellery

A talisman stone is to enhance you natural personality traits, focusing you on the tasks and aim ahead. For this reason they are said to aid your success and fulfilment, (They shouldn’t be deemed as a ‘lucky stone’). Talismans have been around for centuries, in countless cultures and countries. Here is a little about what the stones mean today.


Believe it or not talisman stones is a really varied subject. They can be characterised by their chemical structure, crystal structure and colour of influence. As this isn’t a chemistry lesson today we won’t be covering the chemical and crystal structure information. As for colours of influence here goes;


Each colour of influence a can be subdivided into strength of colours. Softer hues have a slightly different talisman to stronger hues, so if you really wanted to hone in on to give you more of a focus on one subject matter, well it’s all possible.

Talisman stones


Red – Most associations with red are associated with love, here is not different. It can breathe fire and passion to a situation both in terms of romance and situations requiring motivation and energy for endurance.

Orange – is a talisman for joy, contentment and fun. As it is a colour formed from red and yellow it brings aspects of those colours together. Enhance your natural traits of happiness, joy, being outgoing with this colour.

Yellow – associated with the sun and its brightness. Yellow is supposed to bring enlightenment, encourage you to make new beginnings, new challenges. See things in new ways, with clarity with this talisman.

Green – comes from mother-nature and all things from nature and growth. Be it a new project or a new family member a crystal with green will encourage growth, development and nurturing.

Blue – is a refreshing stone to wake us up and to be aware of actions, we as people want to be trusted and trust others, blue enables you to be more aware of your actions and responsibilities.

Indigo – is about your own wisdom. It is a powerful colour to allow you to comprehend difficult situations and relationships. It aids your judgement and decision making process.

Violet – represents your subconscious and bringing out awareness of your dreams, inspires us and gives us ideas. It awakens the soul enabling us to search from within for the information we need.


The above are only a few of the colours available within talismans, black, white, turquoise and silver are also featured and also just to name a few. Talismans are a great way of adding sentimentality to a gift or a jewellery design by way of personalisation, as the wearer will only know the true sentiment of the piece, who knows the context in how the jewellery will help. It’s a great way to make a feature of a gemstone or colour, yet another great way of personalising your jewellery designs, team it with the planetary stones or birthstone by day for a truly unique mix. The sky is the limit with designs.


For more information on talisman stones click here.


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