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After watching some of the 2019 fashion shows with baited breath, we can now set free our impatience and think ahead to making our ‘want’ list for the year ahead. Of course, as we design and make fine jewellery, guess which trends caught our eye?! Here’s what we predict for jewellery in 2019;

Chunky Rings
We utterly love this trend as we adore making a bold statement, our jewellery does the talking not our outfit. Who What Wear and Harpers Bazaar both agree that ‘maximalist’ jewellery is making a comeback. Gone was the 2018 trend of delicate pieces, this year its time to ‘go big or go home’. Just take a look at our Fidget ring, it weighs a wapping 23 grams in 9ct gold to contain the gold sliding squares. It is of a size to let you play with the sliding squares when bored in a meeting or stuck on a delayed tube, a sure fire way to keep you entertained. The Wedge ring also catches your eye in a modern signet ring style set with wedges of fine gemstone colour; orange is a vibrant fire opal, purple is represented by regal amethyst, pale blue is seen with a cool aquamarine, pink is shown by a pretty pink sapphire, green by a vivid tsavorite and yellow is a golden citrine. This ring is a champion for fine gems with the option for you to choose your own colours or even have all trillion diamonds for example.


The Wedge can be customised with your choice of colourful gemstones

Fidget Ring crafted in enamel and gold by a Surrey goldsmith



Exciting Enamel
Gemstones are not the only way to bring colour into jewellery, enamelling is a great option. The catwalks have seen an abundance of this colourful method, just take a look at Chanel for example as seen in Who What Wear or Elle’s favourite trends for this year. We love using this skill as it is truly mesmerising seeing a master craftsman at work on our pieces producing a work of art. Our Rock pieces are inspired by nostalgia and trips when you were a child to the seaside, sitting on a deck chair eating a stripy piece of rock for that holiday treat. The advantage of fine jewellery is that we can convey those cherished memories into the piece you love by selecting your own colours of enamel.

Candy Rock Ring available to be customised in your choice of colours Candy Rock Necklace deal for a modern day heirloom Candy Rock Earrings like the sweet you get at the seaside, celebrate childhood holidays

Links and Hoops
Links and Hoops of any form are featured in many a fashion designers show such as Chloe, Valentino, Marni, Balenciaga or Prada.  See more catwalk details in this article.  This style popular full stop; in chunky chains to more delicate and discrete ways of linking. We have focused on the more delicate designs as something to wear everyday. Our Hoola Hoop earrings show this concept and you can see how you can team them with a pair of jeans or use to dress up an outfit for date night. For a modern take on a hoops we have crafted the Wired earrings featuring a brilliant cut diamond for a bit of gorgeous sparkle.

Wired Earrings, a modern take on a hoop earring Hoola Hoop Large Earrings worn on the lobe

Also seen to be a trend are anklets and shells or pearls but we can’t mention any more at the moment. Stay tuned to see more designs to be launched this year.

What ever trend you like or dislike we like to encourage people to have fun with their jewellery, steer away from generic high street pieces and look to designers excited by innovations and concepts. Trends of 2019 is one way of celebrating fresh designs within their concept.

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